Community Engagement Project is a way of working effectively through regular webinars, seminars, 1-2-1s including trainings and social events with the community. These programmes seek to address the issues and concerns of our BAME community especially the Africans. It involves social and health related matters such as the BAME community and the Social Services, mental health awareness, depression, discrimination and racism, police, and community engagement as well as empowerment of the BAME community.

Community Engagement Project includes;
Community Issues Awareness Course (CIAC), Community Integration and Cohesion (CICO), Dine and Network Kitchen (DINK), Community Champion Award (COCA), Cultural Awareness Programme (CAP), Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP), Women Empowerment Programme (WEP), and Sporting Event Programme (SEPE)

Dine and Network kitchen

Our Dine and Network Kitchen project creates the space for people of diverse backgrounds to relax and share their story or experience, form relationships and network over a meal and drink.

Community Integration and Cohesion

Our Community Integration and cohesion team supports individuals and families who have just arrived in the UK to properly integrate into the community by signposting people and helping them access health, education, employment, finding housing and shopping centres. Our team also create programmes that showcases different cultures, so people can share their culture and experiences, learn, and appreciate diversity. Within Community and cohesion team, we provide the space and opportunity for people to have open discussions on various social issues of concerns during webinars and seminars.