Our Services

At CI&C, we actively engage with our community to try and address social issues and concerns such as isolation, healthcare, and employment, inclusion, and integration among others by consulting with experts in various fields and relevant authorities such as the police, education, health, and employment sectors. We develop and promote programmes that empowers, develop, build working relationships, and support the needs of our community. These programmes and projects are carried out under our Community Support Network Services (CSNS).

Community Support Network Services (CSNS)

Community Support Network Services comprises of;
Befriending Services (BEFs), Keeping Families Together (KEFT), FoodBank and Domestic Violence Advocacy (DOVA).

Befriending Services

Our befriending services encourage our users to be more confident in forming and building relationships in a long term. This service supports the user around specific activity they may require such as going for a walk, shopping support, clinic appointment or sitting together over a cup of tea and maintaining regular social contact with the elderly and vulnerable in the community.

Keeping Families Together

Our Keeping Families Together (KEFT) services team comprises of social workers and solicitors who provide the right support for families who may be struggling with parenting skills, children with challenging behaviours, and unable to manage a right balance of time work structure with child/children academic and social activities. Our KEFT team further supports parents with new or pending social service issues, through information and awareness, education, trainings, and 1-2-1s.


Our foodbank exists to support anyone facing financial hardship within our locality. We offer service users all-inclusive support. When service users walk in for food parcels, they are offered packages of food parcels, advice on employment, training, benefits advice and information about domestic abuse.

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Domestic Violence Advocacy (DOVA).

Our Advocacy and Support teams offer support to those affected by domestic violence in their community. Our team supplies information, advocacy, and specialist services to increase service users’ safety and meet a range of needs – these can include ongoing safety concerns, emotional or housing support, reporting to the police, legal options and support through court, help around child contact, benefits and financial advice. As well as providing direct assistance, we also work to build capacity and develop expertise amongst professionals and agencies. We advocate for Domestic abuse victims and support both survivors and those experiencing domestic abuse. Our team provides information and services to meet the needs and ensure the safety of our community members. Some of the needs include continuous safety concerns, emotional support, food bank due to financial hardship and separation, contacting and reporting to the police, and legal actions.